Wegovy Weight Loss with Form Health

Medications like Wegovy® weight loss injections can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Form Health doctors utilize their expertise in weight management combined with consideration of your health history, needs, and insurance coverage to prescribe Wegovy, if appropriate.

What is Wegovy?

Semaglutide, known by the brand name Wegovy®, is a once-weekly injectable weight loss medication manufactured by Novo Nordisk. It is available by prescription only for adults with a BMI ≥30 or BMI ≥27 who also have weight-related medical problems. Wegovy is from a class of medications known as glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs), which have been used for many years for the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes and, more recently, obesity. Wegovy for weight loss is intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical activity for maximum effect.

How does Wegovy work?

Wegovy® mimics a hormone that we naturally produce called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). GLP-1 acts in many tissues of the body, including several areas of the brain that regulate our appetite. This helps you eat less, resulting in weight loss. Wegovy also works in the pancreas and other tissues to regulate blood sugar. This improves hemoglobin A1c levels for people with type 2 diabetes. Clinical trials have shown that Wegovy is also safe and effective for weight loss in people with obesity without diabetes.


How to get Wegovy: when would a Form Health doctor prescribe it?

A Form doctor would provide a Wegovy® prescription to patients who didn’t see previous success with lifestyle and dietary changes alone.

Likewise, a Wegovy weight loss prescription does not replace the need to develop and maintain healthy habits. At Form, our first priority is helping you achieve lasting lifestyle changes and better health. We take a comprehensive, evidence-based approach which includes nutrition, physical activity, mindset shifts and medication, when appropriate.

Individuals who meet the necessary criteria for Wegovy can obtain Wegovy prescriptions online. Find out if you qualify for Wegovy.


Who Qualifies for a Wegovy prescription?

You may qualify for Wegovy-supported weight loss if:

  1. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is above 30, OR
  2. Your BMI is higher than 27 and you have weight-related medical problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or uncontrolled hyperglycemia.
  3. You've made lifestyle changes, but are still unable to lose weight, AND/OR
  4. You have a history of high and low weight changes.

It's important to note that even if these points apply to you, you still may not be eligible to take Wegovy for weight loss. Your medical history, current medications, and insurance benefits must also be taken into consideration, and the decision will be made in a discussion between you and your Form Health healthcare provider.

Wegovy® is a registered trademark of Novo Nordisk A/S.

How to Get a Wegovy Prescription Online

4 Steps to Determining if Wegovy is Right for You

Step 1: Take the Form Health eligibility quiz

Our simple, 5 minute quiz helps determine if you meet the criteria for our medical weight loss program, and whether your insurance will cover Form program costs. Once you qualify, sign-up online on the Form site and download our app. 

Step 2: Complete your onboarding paperwork

Fill out an online onboarding survey that collects information on your medical history, medications, and previous weight loss attempts so your clinical team can get to know you and personalize a weight loss plan for you. 

Step 3: Meet with your Form Health Board Certified Doctor

You will meet your Form doctor during your virtual visit to discuss your personalized weight loss plan, which may include prescription medications like Wegovy, if appropriate. Your Wegovy prescription will be sent to your preferred pharmacy, local or online.

Step 4: Meet with your Form Health Registered Dietitian

Together, you will set nutrition and exercise goals. Wegovy works best when paired with lifestyle changes!

Paying for Wegovy without Insurance

Affording Wegovy without insurance coverage can be challenging, as it has a substantial out-of-pocket cost. As of the writing of this page, the list price for a 28-day supply of Wegovy was $1349. However, there are a few ways to lower the cost. Some pharmacies might offer Wegovy at a lower cost. Additionally, individuals can explore the Wegovy coupon, also known as the Wegovy savings card. By utilizing this card, you can reduce the monthly cost of Wegovy by up to $500.

Paying for Wegovy with Insurance

The price of Wegovy when using insurance coverage can differ based on the insurance company and your specific plan. Monthly costs may range from no charge for those with comprehensive coverage, to higher amounts for those with partial coverage or who must first meet their deductible. If you are insured, you can still take advantage of Wegovy's coupon, which can reduce your monthly copay by up to $225.

Covered by insurance

Form Health® accepts most health insurance, including Medicare. HSA & FSA eligible.

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Wegovy Side Effects

It’s always important to take safety and potential side effects into account when you are starting a new prescription medication. The side effects of Wegovy are most commonly gastrointestinal symptoms, such as: 

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Constipation 
  • Heartburn
  • Upset stomach 

Headaches, tiredness, and dizziness can sometimes occur as well, though Wegovy does not cause difficulty sleeping. Gallbladder disease is a more serious potential side effect, and other rare side effects have also been described. It is important to monitor for side effects and notify your prescriber immediately if you experience side effects while taking Wegovy for weight loss.

At Form Health, board-certified medical professionals obtain a patient’s full medical history before prescribing Wegovy. They also meet with patients monthly to ensure they are tolerating the medication prior to prescribing the next dose. The dose of Wegovy is typically increased monthly in order to minimize side effects. By checking in with patients monthly, Form healthcare providers can adjust the dosing schedule as needed to improve tolerance.

Wegovy (Semaglutide) FAQs

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