Is there anything I can do to lower my out-of-pocket cost for Contrave® (naltrexone/bupropion)?

To lower your out-of-pocket cost for Contrave® (naltrexone / bupropion), Contrave manufacturer Currax offers two options. If you have coverage under your insurance plan, you can take a Contrave coupon savings card to your local pharmacy to pay as little as $20 out-of-pocket for your medication. If you do not have insurance coverage under your insurance plan or if the out-of-pocket cost is high, Currax has partnered with Ridgeway Mail Order Pharmacy to offer you Contrave for $99 per month. Simply enroll online and have your healthcare provider send the prescription to Ridgeway Mail Order Pharmacy

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Contrave® is a registered trademark of Currax Pharmaceuticals LLC

Brooke Marsico, PA-C

Brooke Marsico, PA-C

About the Author
Brooke Marsico completed her physician assistant training at Midwestern University. Brooke is passionate about helping patients living with obesity achieve meaningful weight loss and improve their health.Learn more about Brooke here.

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