Why should I avoid taking opioids with Contrave (naltrexone / bupropion) and what if I need to take an opioid-containing medication?

You should avoid taking opioids with Contrave® (naltrexone / bupropion) because naltrexone (a component of Contrave) can block the desired effect of opioid medications. Taking more opioid medication to get the desired effect could lead to opioid overdose, which can be very serious and even fatal. Additionally, if you take an opioid-containing medication in the 7 to 10 days prior to starting Contrave you could experience sudden opioid withdrawal symptoms, which can also be serious and require hospitalization.  It is very important to notify your healthcare provider if you are taking opioid-containing medications prior to starting Contrave or if you need to start one of these medications while taking Contrave.

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Brooke Marsico, PA-C

Brooke Marsico, PA-C

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Brooke Marsico completed her physician assistant training at Midwestern University. Brooke is passionate about helping patients living with obesity achieve meaningful weight loss and improve their health.Learn more about Brooke here.