Form Health’s Chief Medical Officer Named Among Top 25 Women Leaders in Consumer Health Tech Report

Dr. Florencia Halperin, Form Health’s Chief Medical Officer, was recently named to the list of the Top 25 Women Leaders in Consumer Health Tech by the Healthcare Technology Report. The awardees on this year’s list represent some of the most innovative companies in the healthcare technology space. They provide their organizations with steady leadership and deep knowledge in their respective specialties, piloting their companies through ever-changing market conditions with an unwavering focus on customer needs.

Dr. Halperin has led the development of Form’s unique clinical care model. She has built a world-class team of obesity medicine physicians and Registered Dietitians who are dedicated to providing compassionate care using a personalized science-based approach.

Dr. Halperin joined Form Health in 2019 as part of the founding team, to make quality obesity care accessible to everyone. Learn more about Dr. Halperin here.

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