Does Wegovy Need To Be Refrigerated?

Yes, Wegovy® needs to be refrigerated between 36℉-46℉ until its expiration date. Wegovy should never be frozen.  Note that some people find allowing the refrigerated pen to warm up to room temperature (approx 30 minutes) reduces discomfort when giving the injection. If you are traveling and may be in warmer temperatures, you may want to bring a portable cooler and avoid packing Wegovy in luggage where it might be exposed to higher temperatures.  

How Long Does Wegovy Last in the Fridge?

Wegovy can last in the fridge for up to 4 weeks, if necessary. Wegovy can be stored at 46℉-86℉ with the pen cap on for a maximum of 28 days.

More information on pen care and storage is available here.

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Brooke Marsico, PA-C

Brooke Marsico, PA-C

About the Author
Brooke Marsico completed her physician assistant training at Midwestern University. Brooke is passionate about helping patients living with obesity achieve meaningful weight loss and improve their health.Learn more about Brooke here.