Emily Burke, RD

Registered Dietitian

Emily is an experienced Registered Dietitian with 13 years of nutrition counseling experience. At FORM™, Emily is dedicated to providing obesity treatment access to her patients and working with them to personalize a lifestyle weight loss plan that they can realistically follow. Emily graduated from Keene State College in New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a dual major in Nutrition and Health Promotion and Fitness. She then continued her learning by completing her Dietetic Internship at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, Connecticut. Emily lives about thirty minutes outside of Boston and one of her main hobbies is running. She has completed more than 20 half marathons, two full marathons, and way too many to count in 5k’s. In her free time, she loves hiking and seeking out dog friendly beaches with her family and two dogs.

More about Emily

 What is one thing you would want patients to know about you?

Just because I am a dietitian, it does NOT mean I follow a “perfect diet” in fact, there is no such thing as a perfect diet! What I love about being a dietitian is that I can help people become the best version of themselves by setting realistic goals and balancing their lifestyle. 

How do you go about making your treatment plans for FORM patients?

 My first visit is always centered around getting to know my patients. As we build their treatment plan, I take into consideration their food preferences, social life, cooking skills,  work, medical history, everything! 

Why do you love working with FORM patients?

I love their motivation. I love getting to know people and hearing their personal stories. I love that we get to follow up frequently.  We can all agree that changing behavior is challenging, and I am honored that I am able to support people on their journey.


  • Obesity and weight management
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Nutrition counseling


  • Undergraduate: Keene State College:
  • Internship: Saint Joseph College West Hartford, Connecticut