Medical weight loss for AT&T employees

Work with a weight loss doctor and dietitian to achieve your goals

  • Proven results

  • Telemedicine convenience

  • In-network coverage through AT&T health plans


Dedicated care team

Your Board Certified Doctor and Registered Dietitian take the time to understand your medical history and goals, then develop a weight loss plan just for you. Care is provided through telehealth with regular video visits and unlimited messaging.

Personalized weight loss

There isn’t one weight loss plan that works for everyone. Your Care Team will design a plan just for you that considers your medical history, lifestyle, and preferences. Your plan will address nutrition, physical activity, and mindset shifts and include FDA-approved weight loss medications, if appropriate.


Physical Activity

Mindset Shifts



Telemedicine convenience

Support and accountability without the hassle of office visits. Patients meet regularly with their doctor and frequently with their dietitian and can message their care team between visits. Access helpful weight and food tracking tools along with educational content through the app.


Proven Results

Patients lose 16% of body weight in 18 months on average. And results go beyond the scale! Patients experience health improvements like lower blood pressure and reduced joint pain while building confidence that they can keep the weight off with their new healthier lifestyle.

In-network coverage through AT&T health plans

Medications prescribed by Form Health will be billed to insurance. HSA & FSA eligible.

    Real patient stories

    "My team at Form Health is top notch. I have been fighting obesity my entire adult life. From the physician I meet with at FORM to the dietitian and my care coordinator I receive professional, responsive, supportive care. I feel very lucky to be on this journey with my team at Form."

    Jane, Real FORM patient

    "Form Health has literally changed my life! I have been overweight since having my youngest child 16 years ago and have tried everything under the sun to lose. Since starting with Form I've lost 74 pounds! I could not have done this without my amazing doctor and dietitian. Joining the Form community is one of the best decisions I have ever made!"

    Lisa, Real FORM Patient

    "Finally, I found something that works for me. The support I’ve received on this journey from Form Health is second to none! Real people, incredibly genuine, kind and invested in my success makes all the difference. I just had my yearly physical and I no longer need blood pressure medication and I am down almost 45 lbs. I feel wonderful! "

    Tracey, Real FORM patient

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