A healthy family starts with you.

A healthy family starts with you.


We are proud to partner with Legacy. With the right approach and right care, you can lose weight to support your fertility plan.

Board certified care team

Form Health® pairs each patient with a board certified physician and a Registered Dietitian to create a personalized weight loss path delivered entirely through telehealth and the Form Health app.

Evidence-based care

We work with evidence-based tools to identify your biological blockers to weight loss and develop a customized weight loss path that includes nutrition, physical activity, mindset shifts, and FDA-approved medication if appropriate.

Weight loss that lasts

We help you lose weight with incremental changes that add up to a healthy mindset and a healthy lifestyle. We make sure your weight loss journey is safe, sustainable, and successful.

"FORM is radically different from other programs. The fact that there is a real human with a dedicated 1-on-1 relationship makes all the difference. I felt like I received custom, thoughtful support that met me wherever I was in the process. The frequency of the check-in conversations and ability to reach out and ask questions was super helpful."


Caleb S.

Weight Loss and Fertility

Research has shown that weight loss can increase sperm count and the overall health of sperm.

Losing just 10% of body weight can increase chances of fertility.

Weight loss can improve chances of pregnancy.

Lifestyle changes and medical intervention can help improve male fertility and the chances of a healthy pregnancy. 

Not your typical weight loss program

 Form HealthTraditional weight loss programs

Board certified doctors

Registered Dietitians

Personalized health guidance

Unlimited access to your care team


Clinician visits covered by insurance


Close contact with your fertility specialist


We've got you covered.

Form Health doctor visits are covered by your health insurance. Form health program fees are HSA/FSA eligible.

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