More than anything, weight loss is about forming new, healthier habits. That’s why we place such an importance on helping you make changes to your nutrition, physical activity, and behavior routines. The more ingrained healthy habits become, the more likely you are to continue practicing them long term, and as a result, maintain weight loss.

We believe nutrition should be straightforward and understandable. So instead of counting calories or calculating macronutrients, we’ll teach you how to build healthy meals with an emphasis on high-quality foods in appropriately sized portions. Similarly, we realize there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all menu. We’ll work with you to create individualized plans that include things you like. Any food can fit into a healthy lifestyle—it’s just about how it's included.


Physical Activity

Not only is regular exercise critical to keeping weight off long term, it’s also crucial to overall improved physical and mental health. No matter where you’re starting from, we’ll work with you to increase your daily physical activity through small, achievable goals. Our aim is to help you find enjoyable ways to stay active, so exercise never feels like a punishment.


Using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, we’ll help you develop strategies that tackle issues like emotional eating, reframe negative thoughts, and create a more positive relationship with food overall. We’ll also discuss habits and triggers, so you can move away from “all or nothing” thinking. Our key tactic will be to help you continually create small goals that are both achievable and measurable, so you can stack the results and see how they amount to a substantial change.


Checking in regularly with a support team is a scientifically proven way to help people stick to the goals they’ve set for themselves. For that reason, a critical benefit of our program is the accountability we offer. Our care team will be consistently available through the Form Health app via text or via chat to celebrate your successes or work with you through challenging times.

Texting my dietitian Julia has been extremely helpful. I am able to ask questions in the moment and get advice in real time. I have lost 17.2 pounds simply through her guidance. Her insight has helped undo many misconceptions I had about food and weight loss.



No points, no rules, no penalties—just expert advice and care.

Even better? We offer a 30-day, unconditional money back guarantee on our program fee.