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Real Stories, Real Patients: Mary M.

Check out this real story, from a real Form patient that found success on her weight loss journey.

Mary M.

Mary joined Form after her doctors encouraged her to lose weight in order to manage several chronic health conditions. She heard about the program through a friend and didn’t hesitate to learn more. Mary became a Form patient in October, and by February she had changed her diet completely.

“I’ve changed the way that I eat! I enjoy fruits and vegetables more, I prepare my meals more often (which has saved money), I eat breakfasts regularly, and I am much more attentive to my body’s needs throughout the day,” she explained.

In just over 2 months, Mary lost nearly 20 pounds. She said that getting responsive and customized support from her Form dietitian, Julia, has been the biggest key to her success.

“She’s incredibly affirming and non-judgmental, and listens to what my challenges and barriers might be, and coaches me towards goals to overcome them,” Mary said. “She takes the time to understand what my day-to-day looks like, and share ideas and information that meets me wherever I’m at. Julia is also very accessible: often I can shoot her a question and she’ll respond very quickly.”

Mary went on to say that she built a relationship of trust and support with Julia, and feels very comfortable working with her.

When asked how Form was different from other programs she’d tried, Mary highlighted the high-touch coaching and plating method that was simple and sustainable.

“More so than achieving my weight loss goal, Form Health has allowed me to achieve and sustain holistic behavioral change,” Mary explained.

We’ll continue to share real stories from real patients like Mary — check back with us soon!

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