Amanda Corliss, RD

Registered Dietitian


Amanda is Registered Dietitian at Form Health with lots of education and experience in nutrition counseling and diet and weight Management. She is a dedicated and experienced mentor in the field of nutrition that will make sure her patients are set up with the most realistic, healthy, and best fitting weight loss path for them. Amanda attended Framingham State University and got her Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition through the coordinated program in Dietetics. Amanda lives north of Boston Massachusetts and enjoys going out for a walk with her iced coffee in the morning, giving lots of love to her 2 cats (who you might see on Zoom!) and spending time with her husband and closest friends and family.

More about Amanda

 What is one thing you would want patients to know about you?

I became interested in nutrition when I was in high school; I saw the impact that changing food choices and increasing activity had on some close family members - that exceeded FAR BEYOND just the number on the scale. They lost weight, but what they gained was amazing to me. Now, I have the opportunity to do that every day working with Form.

How do you go about making your treatment plans for Form Health patients?

I like to focus on long term, sustainable changes. When it comes to creating a plan, one of my main focuses is helping guide those I work with in the creation of small goals - which are determined by the patient with support, guidance, and suggestions from myself. We might spend some time focusing on a few small goals that, over time, become habits - and then we may build on some new goals - depending on what the patient is wanting to focus on/change/add. This is going to look different from person to person; but my goal is that those who I work with feel good about the goals and changes they’re making.

Why do you love working with Form Health patients?

Hearing about all of the non-scale wins that patients are experiencing - from fitting into their favorite pair of jeans, being able to reduce certain medications, increased mobility, feeling good with their meal choices and just an overall increased energy and confidence is truly amazing, I feel so lucky that I get to work with and support others as they make these lifestyle changes.


  • Weight management 
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Health counseling


  • Undergraduate: Framingham State University; Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutrition
  • Dietetic Internship:  Coordinated Program in Dietetics through Framingham State University